Practical Performance Profiling: Improving the Efficiency of .NET Code

In Practical Performance Profiling, Jean-Philippe Gouigoux provides both the theory and practical skills necessary to analyze and improve the performance of .NET code. By focusing on the 20% of code defects that account for 80% of performance loss, Jean-Philippe Gouigoux guides the reader through using a profiler and explains how to identify and correct performance bottlenecks. This book is for all developers who wish to boost the performance of their .NET code without having to embark on the steep slopes of tuning.

Jean-Philippe Gouigoux draws on over ten years’ experience as a software architect specializing in this area to demystify performance in .NET code. In Practical Performance Profiling he explains how the .NET platform manages memory and uses a sample application based on a real software package to demonstrate a wide range of performance slowdowns. With clear explanations of how to set up automated test scenarios, use a profiler, diagnose problems, identify solutions and validate the results, Practical Performance Profiling makes efficient code an achievable goal for all .NET developers.

The sample application and additional utility applications are available to download here, and a fully-functional free trial of ANTS Performance Profiler can be downloaded from the Red Gate website) .

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Profiling Principles
  • Chapter 2: Profiling a .NET Application
  • Chapter 3: Sample Application
  • Chapter 4: Profilers
  • Chapter 5: Profiling the Sample Application – Client Side
  • Chapter 6: Profiling the Sample Application – Server Side
  • Chapter 7: Beyond Profiling
  • Chapter 8: Conclusion

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